• Remove negative battery cable before installation.
  • Ensure lamps are fitted using the appropriate wiring harness or
    an equivalent auxiliary wiring system.
  • Ensure the lamps are mounted securely to a solid surface on the
    vehicle or bullbar.
  • Cables connected to the lamp must not be subjected to wear or other damage.


  1. Connect lamps to Loom ‘A’.
  2. Fix Loom ‘A’ ground cable to chassis or battery (-).
  3. Connect Loom ‘A’ to Loom ‘B’.
  4. Mount relay and fuse holder (Ensure these are mounted in a dry area of the engine bay)
  5. Connect main positive cable from fuse holder to battery (+).
  6. The kit is supplied with a pre-wired H4 & HB3 loom assembly for direct connection to the vehicle headlamp high beam circuit. For globe types other than H4 & HB3, an additional adapter kit (P/No. 74416) is available to suit H1, H3 and H7 globe types.
  7. A direct connection from the vehicle high beam circuit to any alternate light source can be made by connecting the black wire to negative and red wire to positive.
  8. Connect Loom ‘A’ brown cable to vehicle park circuit (+).
  9. Pass Loom ‘B’ through the firewall and connect to Driving Lamp Switch.
  10. Test the driving lights by turning on the vehicle’s headlamps and park light. The driving lights should only illuminate on high beam.