Lighting Up Your Journey with Innovation and Passion


Hibana's mission is to empower clients by delivering cutting-edge design and precise engineering solutions that bring their visionary products to life. We commit to reducing environmental impact, improving functionality, and optimizing cost-efficiency in every project we undertake.


Hibana envisions a world where technology and design converge to create innovative solutions that enhance everyday life and drive sustainability. We aim to be at the forefront of transforming industries through superior design, engineering, and manufacturing practices.

From Ideas To Products

Product Design

HIBANA specializes in transforming innovative ideas into practical and aesthetically pleasing products. Leveraging advanced design tools, HIBANA ensures each product not only meets market demands but exceeds consumer expectations.

Mechanism Design

HIBANA excels in creating intricate mechanism designs that ensure optimal functionality and durability for complex mechanical systems. Leveraging advanced simulation tools, HIBANA's team meticulously analyzes and optimizes each component to guarantee reliable performance and longevity.

Reverse Engineering

HIBANA excels in deconstructing and analyzing existing products to innovate and improve upon them. This service enables clients to adapt and enhance proven designs to better meet market needs.

Mold Design

With extensive experience in mold design, HIBANA expertly crafts precision molds that minimize errors, saving valuable time and money in the manufacturing process. Utilizing advanced CAD tools and a deep understanding of production challenges, HIBANA ensures each mold meets stringent quality standards and enhances overall production efficiency.

Circuit Design

HIBANA designs reliable, efficient, and scalable electronic circuits for a range of consumer and industrial products. These designs are compact, cost-effective, and easily integrated into various architectures.


HIBANA offers rapid prototyping and small batch production to thoroughly test products before full-scale manufacturing. This critical service ensures all specifications are met, reducing the risk of costly modifications later.